Junior Developer Vacancy In Plainview Healthcare - Ohio

Hiring Organization / Company: Plainview Healthcare - Ohio
Basic Salary: To Be Discussed
Employement Type: Full-Time

Job Details:

Plainview Healthcare Partners, a skilled nursing operations group is seeking a talented and driven entry level software developer

2+ years of college experience, or significant real-world software developer work experience are required.

  • Must have a strong hunger to grow and learn as a developer
  • Must be very comfortable with SQL and either Python or Javascript - not necessarily syntax but their patterns/usage
  • Must be comfortable with debugging, OOP design patterns, unit tests

Skills to learn on the job: Git, VSCode, Puppeteer, Salesforce and SF Apex, some AWS, some PowerBi, some PointClickCare

Candidates will be asked to write pseudocode database schema, OOP classes, and business logic to describe a mock monster truck rally's ticket sales in the interview.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $60,000.00 - $65,000.00 per year


  • 8 hour shift


  • High school or equivalent (Preferred)


  • SQL: 2 years (Preferred)
  • Python or Javascript: 2 years (Preferred)

Work Location:

  • One location

Job Location Information:
City: Beachwood
State: Oh
Country: Us
Location: Beachwood, Oh 44122

Date Posted: 2021-04-08
Job Listing No# : 66654

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Tips For Getting a Job as a Software Engineer

The process of hunting the job is always stressful and tiresome, especially when you have no hob at the moment. As for a software engineering job, you need to know specific things that will make you qualify for the job and work better as a software engineer. The chapter here explains the most important steps you should follow to be a qualified software engineer.

1. Have Some Standout Projects Portfolios

Make a few portfolios is something essential before your interviews. The portfolios don’t necessarily need to be perfect, but you mist have them. When you are being interviewed, and you name the projects you know, then you need to have those applications well kept in the portfolio. You need to have portfolios of a minimum of three projects, especially if you are not experienced in any software engineering job. Ensure you know the weaknesses and strengths of your projects, too, before the interview. Some interviewers might want a practical explanation about this, so you must be ready. If you aren’t aware, you can fumble, and that is why you should know this before your interviews.

2. Be Ready To Handle Technical Interviews

Most technical interviews are done with some issues, but always remember most companies prioritize using whiteboards. Some sources are available, which you can use in practicing technical interviews like coding, interview cake, preamp, and cracking interviews. When being in this, you can find you re struggled and don’t have an alternative, but you must ensure that you are fully equipped with it. When you know this, you will avoid all those awkward silences when you attend your interviews, and that is a tip for you. It is a credit to you when the interviewer sees how loud you are thinking and coming with legit answers.

3. Ensure You Know The Role Kind You Need

You should always avoid the assumptions of saying you can’t choose if you are bigger. Wherever the department of software engineer you will get, you should remember most of your time revolves around working throughout. You need to be prepared on the issue of attending your workplace and dreading your work smarter. When you highly prioritize the anticipated job you need, you will be sure of getting the perfect software engineer job you need. You need to prioritize things like life balance, have the chance of solving challenging issues t your table, and ensure you admire the chance of working with the modern technological stack. These priorities, with no doubt they will give you a hint of focusing on the companies that have a healthy culture of working without weekends and night work.

4. Be Organized And Observant Throughout

You should remember you need to complete killer projects ahead; you have to be ready to attend the technical interviews together with the target of the company. You should start looking for jobs right away. You don’t need to make many applications at once since you won’t handle the results and your expectations. You should only ensure your few applications are well kept in the template, which can make links of records into some different tables. With this, you will be able to have the entire list containing the contacts of the employees in the company without failure.

5. Make The Meaningful Cover Letter And Resume

Rather than making most applications without quality, you need to write applications that are highly tailored and the best but few. You must ensure your documents don’t have grammatical errors or any typos and are not too long to get boring when read by the interviewer. You should first visit the website of the company, then make a reason that explains the reason for working with the company. When you don’t see the reason to work there, it means the place is not fit for you. Ensure the responses are also well-tailored, so you should never copy-paste the online resumes.

6. Have A Network

Networking is really a significant problem if you are a introvert since you will not have mingling time with lots of people. But, you should constantly make sure you can mingle. You can travel to some meetups, make chats with people, and also this provides you with some privileges even although you aren’t getting the most effective job there. The meetups will make you discover important companies and jobs to produce applications, and that can help. The meetups will usually live you having a positive brain whenever anticipating the jobs. Additionally, other slack expert teams are signs of networking, and if you have a opportunity, go to them. The social networking connections towards the workers already employed in software businesses could also be helpful you gain some knowledge and way. Male network connections and you can secure in your ideal job.

7. Never Negotiate Too Much Or Settle For Less

It’s normal to be asked regarding the targeted salary during interviews. The part is always frustrating since you’re feeling that part takes your opportunity to work here away. You ought to will have your expected salary aswell. You need to research the salary part of the interview where you must know the wage your peers of the identical degree can be obtained in that company. You could calculate the wage for any other workers in an alternate software business before you attend the interview. When you obtain the offer, constantly negotiate the set cost that the interviewers will offer you. Negotiate also on motivations and allowances as leaves and day down too before accepting the job. Be sure you are completely aware and trust their set terms before you make the final choice.


When you want to make a perfect job search s a software engineer, I hope this is the best article you tried to come across before you continue with your job search. It is essential for every job hunter who needs a perfect place to be. You should also not look for the job while desperate and land in just any other position. The fact is that software engineers are highly needed everywhere ao take time and get the job you deserve. When you study thoroughly and prepare according to this chapter, be sure to land for the job you always wanted.